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I sit with all kinds of couples with various backgrounds and beliefs   I welcome couples who are married, unmarried, consensually non-monogamous, straight, LGBTQIA,  youthful and mature.

Sexual Health and Intimacy

As human beings, we are hardwired to love and be loved. I am passionate about working with couples who are struggling with sex, sexuality and intimacy.  Several common issues include discrepancy in desire or sexual interests, anxiety or stress, life transitions, illness, disability, trauma, betrayal, religious conflict.


I offer premarital counseling for couples who are preparing for marriage or a long term relationship.  Premarital counseling can ensure that you and your partner are starting off on the right foot by identifying your strengths as a couple and possible growth areas.  Premarital counseling can help provide a strong foundation for your life together and equip you to handle the ups and downs that are inevitable over time.

Committed couples

Being in an established committed relationship, it is likely that you have experienced stressors that zap the joy out of your couplehood or challenge the very nature of your relationship. Counseling can clarify your commitment to one another, strengthen communication skills, facilitate life transitions and cultivate understanding while working through a time of crisis.

Proactive Therapy

Sometimes our relationship is in a good place but we foresee some bumps in the road up ahead. Life transitions (think new baby arriving,  grown baby leaving, effects of illness or disability, blended family, loss), past hurts re-surfacing or stress on the horizon are a few possibilities.  Counseling can facilitate conversations and a game plan while bolstering your relationship to navigate the bumps coming down the pike.

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